26 October 2016

New loyalty points system in place through our online shop.

Buy supplies and collect points to use against other items in the future. Spend £1 and get 2 points. For every 500 points you collect you get £5 to spend or use as a discount on your order.

This is our way of giving something back and we hope you guys use it to treat yourselves to something nice now and again 😉

11 October 2016

We have had the honour of appearing in Fast Ford Magazine recently, Click the links below to see the features.

Mondeo, Fast Ford Magazine

Focus ST, Fast Ford Magazine

28 April 2016

Yep, we have bitten the bullet and lowered our film prices.

100cm patterns now £4.75 plus VAT
50cm patterns now 2.50 plus VAT

We still may not be as cheap as some suppliers but we have lowered them as much as we can at the moment to allow some of you guys who havent used us before to give us a try and see what you could be missing.
We feel when you buy from us its not just a purchase, its a whole experience. We arnt a faceless online web based company who you never get to speak to. We are real people who have been where you have at some point so we can fully relate to all the issues you guys may encounter. Whether you need product advice, reassurance about a tricky dip or just a moan about something thats gone wrong and is getting on your nerves then we are here and we will do all we can to make your life easier.
Let us try and take away some of that dippers stress that gets us all down from time to time. We are always stressed so whats a little more in the grand scheme of things haha

Our USPs
*All film rolled on hard plastic tubes (which can be reused as jigs by the way) and sealed in plastic sleeving.
*All activators and paints tinned here on the premises by us and placed in only the best quality tins and containers suited for that product. Safety first.
*All products stored in the correct environments meaning what we send out to you is the best it can be.
*Guaranteed next day shipping within the UK or your shipping fee will be refunded. (Remote areas and Ireland 1-2 days)
*Shipping all products to all mainland European destinations
*Experienced people who care and can give you the right advice/help when you need it.
*Free samples and sweeties sent out with orders. Just to say thank you for being part of the aquagraphix family.
*Reliable friendly family run business.

Small enough to care, Big enough to cope! Give us a try. I know you will not be disappointed.

Join up to , find our section and use the 10% code for your order with us. This is valid for everyone just once. Even if you have ordered from us before you can still use the coupon code. You just have to go and find it.

Thanks for reading this insanely long post.
Happy Thursday everyone and thank you for your continued support. xxx

01 April 2016

Oh my word, where has the time gone and how busy have i been to not get a chance to post any update sin the last year. That OHW paint has definitely kept us busy as well as the general increase in sales from our Hydrographics store.

We still offer the actual dipping work and have taken on a lot of larger production runs of late which are keeping us entertained.

The main reason for my post is to let you guys know about the new ONE HIT WONDER formula that has just been launched in the USA and should be with us when we next get an order in which we hope shouldnt be too much longer. End of summer perhaps. We have our fingers in so many pies at the moment that we cant possibly afford them all at once. OHW is on the list and will not be forgotten.

Along with that we hope to get our Spray Chroming Service up and running in the summer too so keep an eye out for that too.

Oooo i almost forgot, we have taken on some more staff recently including a very talented spray painter who specialises in full custom car and van paint. This is awesome news as we can now take on larger projects and full custom projects. If you need a full car or van painting and want a top expert job then check us out. Please dont ask us to carry out a blow over cheap as thats not what we do. 😉

Anyway Happy Easter all and happy dipping.

2 February 2015

ONE HIT WONDER HAS ARRIVED!!!! And boy don’t we know about it. The demand has been immense. Hopefully you lot know about it too. I’ve been rather socially active online about this paint making sure everyone who is waiting for it knows that its here. We wait no longer. The wonder that is ONE HIT WONDER is now starting to be used in premises all over the UK and Ireland with recommendations spreading among the hydro-dipping community. If you haven’t had this paint recommended to you yet, Just wait, it wont be long. 😉 If you look in our web shop you will find a section dedicated to just a few of the OHW products. There are many more colours and clears etc that we hope to add as time goes on. Baby steps.

Hydro-Vator PLUS is starting to replace HydroVator a little more among our customers. Proving that it really is as good if not better than the original.


15 January 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know its a little late but arn’t we always.

Just an update on where we are at and what we have to come.

Firstly and most importantly we have secured SOLE European distributorship on the amazing paint, One Hit Wonder.                                           This paint is the only paint formulated specifically for hydrographics. OHW eliminates the need to prime, add adhesion promoter and apply basecoat.  It is a single paint application that combines all three steps into one.  You simply scuff and degrease the part, apply OHW Paint and dip. OHW goes direct to metal, fiberglass, bone, wood, plastics* and previously painted parts.    (*Flame treatment required for HDPE)                     Unlike most solvent-based paints that require you to dip within 8 hours of application, OHW is a solvent-based paint with an 18 month dipping window.  This means you have up to 18 months after you apply OHW to dip your part.                                                                                                           This is the best and most used paint in the Hydrographics world and once you try it you will know why. Only available from us at AquaGraphix.

For more information on this check out the OHW website where you can download application guides and see the awesome reviews on this product.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The paint is on the way and should be with us and for sale in the next month. Keep checking our website shop or our facebook page for updates.  We would like to thank JJ and Kerry at One Hit Wonder for their support throughout and for allowing us to be their distributor. We love you guys (Plus JJ is Welsh so there’s an obvious connection there that was just too coincidental 😉

Another new product we have is the HydroVator PLUS activator. If you weren’t already aware our beloved HydroVator has a nasty chemical in it that will soon be banned in the EU. So that you regular Hydrovator users don’t get left up the creek without a paddle we have reformulated the current HydroVator to remove that chemical and unintentionally made the product better. Bonus! Now available from us but not yet on the website as we are waiting for the nice new posh labels to be finished off. If you want HydroVator PLUS now then just give us a call or email and we can get that sent out to you.

We have added a few new patterns to our website recently making our total range at almost 100 different designs which we are adding to all the time. We also have a new range of Dip This designs due to be added to our shop over the next few weeks so keep your eyes open for those.

I think thats enough news for now so back to the grindstone i go. Have a great day and happy Dipping!

11 August 2014

Good day to you all.

Today i just thought i would give you another top ten. Our top 10 parts that get dipped here at Aquagraphix.

1. Engine bay car parts

2. Exterior/interior trim on cars

3. Wheels

4. Gun stocks

5. motor bike parts

6. Games consoles and controllers

7. Gun scopes

8. Helmets

9. Bikes and scooters

10. furniture/cupboard doors etc

There are many more things we dip here at Aquagraphix but this is our top 10 at the moment.

Have a great day and we shall be back soon with more news and interesting facts 😉

5 August 2014

Well its been a while hasn’t it. Hope you all had a great summer.

Here’s the latest news from AG. Firstly and most importantly WE HAVE MOVED!!!! Our new address is now updated on the contact us page along with the phone number.

Our new premises are much bigger and much better equipped to do what we do best. We have a bigger dipping tank so can now process larger items that we may have had to turn down before. This tank lives in our newly refurbished dip room and training room. Training will be offered very soon so get in touch to register your interest in our courses. We are in the process of expanding our online shop to offer more patterns and products for the trade and hobbyist so keep your eye out. We have some specialized paint products on their way from the states as we type.

We recently had a 3 page feature in Fast Bikes Magazine where we carbon dipped the editors bike wheels. He loved them and judging from the response so did all the bikers out there too.

We are now also sole stockists of K2Brew activator which has been formulated and manufactured by Jim Urbano from K2Concepts in Florida and what an awesome product it is. It doesnt replace the current top Activator we sell (Hydro-Vator) but it does compliment it nicely. Go to the K2brew section on our site for information on the differences.

I think that’s all the main news from over the past few months.

And just to finish off here a bit of info for you that may come in handy. We regularly get asked by dippers new to the trade, what films they should buy and what is the most popular well here’s my list of our top 10 films over the past 6 months. Enjoy! 🙂

1. Gold True Weave Carbon 100cm

2. Silver True Weave Carbon 100cm

3. Silver 3D Carbon

4. Gold 3D Carbon

5. Stickerbomb

6.  Flaming skulls

7. Camo Girl

8. Blue Flames

9. Deadhedz Skulls

10. Predator Camouflage


8 December 2013

awards logoPNG

Its Official, we are now Award Winners!  The guys at Fast Car Magazine have given us the award for “Diversity”, our very first award and hopefully the first of many. Thanks to the team at Fast Car, we are very proud of what we have achieved .

2 November 2013

New film patterns due in next week. Some new Camo patterns, 1m wide silver true weave carbon, some flowers and more, keep watching
Also this week, it seems that Hydro-Vator has created a bit of a stir! As with most excellent products, competitors will either try to copy or find something negative. This week a competitor published via social media a “Scare Story” in an attempt to blacken the reputation of Hydro-Vator. They claimed that Hydro-Vator contains chemicals banned from the EU. This is untrue, the facts are that Hydro-Vator contains a chemical that is on a list of chemicals that are due to be phased out. The ingredient in question is indeed on a list of substances of high concern within the EU as are alot of chemicals still in daily use here in the UK, as a result of being on this list it is soon to be unavailable in the UK so an alternative needs to be found. It is not illegal, deadly or banned but on its own it is a dangerous chemical, as are most chemicals that are designed to be used in an industrial environment. Hydro Vator is designed to be used in an industrial environment and is to be used while wearing the correct PPE (mask, gloves etc) all details can be found in the data sheet (download link on the Hydro-Vator product pages or email to request). Hydro-Vator in its current form is no more harmful than any other Activator, they all contain harmful ingredients and should all be used while wearing the correct PPE.
Since the chemical is to be phased out in the future and because we are committed to continual development, Express Chem are working on a special blend of Hydro-Vator for us here in the UK and the rest of the EU, the new blend is currently undergoing testing before a sample is sent to us for final evaluation. We promise the same if not better performance from the new blend. We hope to take delivery of the new blend towards the end of the year, in the meantime stocks are very low and we apologise to our customers if this delay causes any inconvenience but we hope you understand and are looking forward to trying the new product.

16 October 2013

Very exciting news all the way from the U S of A today. Our new blend of activator, Hydro-Vator Plus, has been tested by the king of dipping himself, Mr Jim at K2 concepts, and in his words….”This really IS Hydro-Vator Plus”.
We thought Hydro-Vator was good but this is by far even better. With an endorsement from the big man himself we are chuffed to bits. Fellow Dippers, watch this space.


15 October 2013

We are in Fast car magazine …again…. Haven’t seen it ourselves yet so cant say how good it is. Hahaha (Link coming soon)


August 2013

We are in fast car magazine…yey (Issue 332 Page 39 – Link coming soon)

A nice little write up about what we do here at Aquagraphix along with some photos of Dave working his magic on some parts we did for Midge’s (Dep Editor) Audi TT. More to come in the future when he writes his staff rides feature.

We also had one of our clients cars feature on the front cover of Fast Ford magazine (Issue 334 – Link coming soon). 4 page spread showing the work he had done on his Focus RS and yes we had a mention for doing those awesome carbon seat backs plus some engine bay parts.