Spectra Chrome – Advanced Spray on Chrome Technology!

Spectra Chrome, The best and most advanced spray on chrome technology. Spectra Chrome is  a US based company who have worked hard for years to perfect this amazing way of applying a chrome finish to almost anything. We travelled over to the USA recently to train with them in their head quarters in Florida and now we too can provide that same amazing product that they do but right here in the UK.

You will see lots of spray on chrome systems in use by various companies but none of these have the reputation, reliability and back up that Spectra Chrome offers.

It doesn’t Yellow, it is durable and it lasts. Dont trust cheap imitations. Invest in the best!



This system creates a mirror-like chrome finish on almost any substrate

You cant tell that it isnt real metal plating. The look and feel are the same.

A layer of real silver nitrate along with some other chemicals, is sprayed onto a specialised basecoat layer, the silver mist builds up on the part to give a perfect mirror shine.

It is then given a clearcoat with high UV protection which can be tinted to give any colour chrome you fancy.

Spectra Chrome works exceptionally well on almost any substrate including wood, metal, glass, ceramics and plastics.

Spectra chrome can be dipped to so you can have any of our hydrographic patterns applied over your chrome.

The possibilities are endless.


For the Automotive industry we can customise grills, wing mirrors, alloy wheels, replacement parts for classic vehicles, prototypes and special exhibition pieces.

For Retail, and the Exhibitions and Promotions industry we can produce attention grabbing shop fittings, signage, merchandise, point of sale materials and custom displays.

For Film and TV we can apply metallic finishes to props made out of any material. From a piece of fencing to a giant animal.

For Interior Design a Spectra Chrome finish can be applied to home decor items to create a unique, signature style.


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