The Process

Water Transfer Printing, Hydrographics, Carbon Dipping, Camo Dipping, Cubic Printing etc, all names that describe the process of transferring ink patterns or designs to 2 and 3 dimensional objects. The process can be applied to any object that can be painted and not harmed by being immersed in water. There are thousands of different patterns available that can be applied to anything made of Wood, Metal, plastic, stone. Items can be altered to resemble woods, metals, marbles, camouflages, carbon fibre and much, much more. If it will fit in our 3m x 1.2m tank, it can be processed. Some common applications include wood grained car and caravan interiors and camouflaged outdoors equipment, a whole smart car or a motorbike tank. Aquagraphix UK are dedicated to Water Transfer Printing and have invested heavily in the correct equipment for the job. We can coat anything with a hard surface! From the engine cover on your car, quad bike panels or motorbike tanks to furniture in your home, your hunting gear or your xbox controller. There really is no limitation on what can be achieved.

How its done……

First the part is cleaned and prepped in our dedicated preparation area, The parts may be media blasted if required in with the cost of the job. We then get them primed and rubbed smooth. Once smooth and all texture removed we apply basecoat colour. Then we dip. The dipping is done by laying a sheet of hydrographic film onto a tank of warm water and leaving it to hydrate. We then apply an activating chemical which dissolves the PVA film backing leaving just the ink of the pattern floating on the water. The part is then dipped into the ink. Once dipped we rinse and dry the part ready for clear coat. Bobs your uncle. Beautifully finished items that you will be proud of.


We are fully set up to take on an process production runs of items so if you have interest in a larger scale project then get in touch to discuss it further with one of our very knowledgeable and helpful team.

The difference is in the detail”


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