Cerakote Ceramic Coating

What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is a composite, epoxy coating made with Polymer Ceramic. Cerakote can be applied to metal, wood and plastics. After a surface is coated with Cerakote it becomes corrosion resistant, abraision resistant and chemical resistant as well as many other protective properties. Cerakote has been tested against Anodising, blueing, high temp powder, notride, pvd, Teflon and Xylan. The ceramic composite crafts a solid finish that is so hard, if dropped it can withstand impacts scratches and dings.
Cerakote is availiable in over 100 different colours and because it was originally made for the gun industry, where tolerences matter, it applies this amazing hard wearing capability at only a mm of thickness. Its been around in the gun world since the 1980s and is probably the most popular gun coating on the market. It out performs and out protects any other product currrently on the market.

How long does it last? Cerakote is a permanent ceramic finish that is designed to last the lifetime of the item. Cerakote could strongest and most durable and most rust resistant coating there is, but it is no magic bullet.

Does the military use Cerakote? Yes, our military and armed forces do currently and widely use cerakote AR’s and other weapons coated in cerakote. Cerakote is one of the toughest and durable coatings out there for firearms which of course is important to the military as they beat on their guns and put high round counts through them.

Does Cerakote block heat? Cerakote™ Thermal Barrier products significantly reduce heat transfer of components that operate at elevated temperatures. These coatings are used extensively in the automotive, commercial truck, heavy equipment and performance racing industries.

Is Cerakote better than powdercoat? Traditionally, Powder Coat has been known as the go-to coating solution for automotive components, however, as of recent, many fab shops and individuals have discovered and transitioned to Cerakote. Cerakote is compatible with more automotive components thanks to its ultra-thin finish and high-temp tolerance.

Is Cerakote weatherproof? Cerakote is a ceramic-based finish that can be applied to metals, wood or synthetics to provide a weatherproof, stable, durable, impact-resistant and corrosion-proof finish.


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