We often get asked questions about our process, here are some of the most common. 

  • How does the process work?
        A film with the desired pattern is cut to size and laid on top of water, it is sprayed with a chemical and the part to be processed is pushed through the pattern. This ensures that the water pressure pushes the pattern onto the part.
  • How durable is the finish?
    Once processed and the pattern applied, the item is coated with an automotive clear coat  lacquer to protect it, the resulting finish is as durable as the paintwork on your car. 
  • What can be coated?
        Anything non porous that can be submerged in water and be painted can be coated, Metal, plastic, wood etc. Electronics such as games consoles, controllers, laptops, phones etc can be coated as long as all water sensitive components are removed from the casings allowing the casing to be processed safely. (Items sent to us should be disassembled by the customer before sending)  
  • How many patterns do you have to choose from?
    There are thousands of different patterns available, we try to keep a stock of the most popular but if we dont have what you want, ask us and we can get it.
  • Can I have my own design on my items?
    Yes, If you cant find something suitable in the vast range of available patterns, we can have your design printed onto a film but there is a large minimum order qty. This service is more suited to a large production order.